>I just paid $4.19 for Super using CASH. I could have paid $4.39 if I used credit. Separate cash and credit prices?? Way to go back to <1984. I was amazed, I guess they just started this tdoay and it's just weird. I understand saving $2 for 10 gallons (in my particular case) but that could ammount to 5 to 10 dollars for SUV owners, and even more for truckers. I listen to Bubba the Love Sponge (Sirius: Howard 101) now, a lot more for the past year or so and he’s just as good as Howard in many a case. They’re always advocating for the truckers so I’m a bit more understanding. I just can’t conceive how someone who is an owner operator could possibly be making a living – let it be known, you’ve at least got a break if you’re paying cash for gas in Holyoke, MA… go to the Shell station by the mall. Out of principal I paid cash. I took it out of the business. I know a lot of people are running on credit card leins right now and it’s kind of scary. I am doing ok, we’re cutting down on groceries, and bought our big ticket items prior to this whole crunch, so all in all we’re doing ok. I got gas at this hour because I’m headed in to work early tomorrow for a big release party – hardly what it sounds like, we’re switching our phone operations so I’m going to be there bright and early in case anyone has any issues. I’ve been working all this week to make sure we’re ok a this point and it looks like we will be but I’ll be there at 5, which means waking up at 4… and I’m not really down with that, and certainly not expecting any gas stations within my 30 miles to empty radius to be open. Considering I’m still up at 10:14PM EST — I’m probalby going to be feeling it. My plan is redbull. Claratin D and redbull.

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