2 Weeks of Josh

After a long time of being unable to find a chance to hang with anyone the past 2 weeks have been great. I think I can finally hunker down and maybe do some work. After seeing what Justin has been able to do with his free time, I’m inspired.

It started two weeks ago when I was able to finally get together with Josh & Katie, of course Nicole had a previous engagement she realized after we made the plans but that was fine, still time to go grab something to eat first.

Note to self:: the Eastside Grill in NoHo is a full-night affair. An hour of waiting with drinks chit chatting it up for a table, an hour for appetizers, an hour without appetizers, and hour for food, and what seemed like an hour waiting for the check, all in all I think we were in it for at least 3 and a half hours so divide that up accordingly.

I at least got a free dinner and a beer out of it because they had brought me the wrong type of beer on accident. I asked for informational purposes (I have a red-ish beer I need to stop drinking and switch to water in order to be responsible) and they wiped it off the bill for me – mmmm free Gorgonzola Ribeye…

Eventually we got back to the house pretty late but there’s always time to show off the TV and play some games.

Saturday I spent the day brewing beer with Bryan, the girls went to a knitting fest, and we spent the evening Wii-ing all over the place.

This weekend Friday was a party at Jay’s for his birthday. We went out after work and had a buncha fun. Once everyone started showing up, I was already onto my 4th beer. It compounded for there and I continued to drink water for the rest of the night to stay standing. There was a young girl with breasts out and father in tow (it’s just as weird as it sounds). Creep factor +12 for the camera… but I’m going to see if I can find the Myspace photos so you can see for yourself. (FOUND THEM!)

Finally last night was a wine tasting at Justin’s. We hung out all day after sleeping until 11 or so – we finally got back to his place and got to sleep at like 3 or so. We’ll be having one at our place in September. I wasn’t a huge fan of the wine itself and I really can’t see paying $27 for a bottle including the shipping but hey – they might just get some people who want to have one at their place.

We just have to have to buy the food to go along with it, but all in all it was pretty fun. It was great to see Justin and Tracy, and I’m very impressed with his self-motivation. It’s more then I can do working full time and still getting to the work that’s waiting for me at home.

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