>Hey look at me, I’m updating!

They cut off access to Blogger at work, so there hasn’t been much as far as spur of the moment updates. I’ve been doing the (scrolly) links, but not even much time for that anymore. I’ve been getting in like 7:30-8, working through lunch, and staying till at least 5 in most cases. It’s getting to be a grind as of late, especially because I’m not getting the rest I ought to be getting.

I’m just not all that quick about getting to bed because I’ve been enjoying the time not working. Computer business is slow too – due to my complete lack of patience when I get home. I completely dropped the printing place – I gave him 2 bills for an emergency issue that came up, reminded him twice and I haven’t called him and he hasn’t called me. I wouldn’t mind a little bit more then the current cash flow (zip, zilch, nada) but it’s nice not to have the calls at weird hours when I’m already tired.

I bet if I was better about getting rest I might not be staring at Access for hours on end not getting anywhere. I’ve currently got at least 3 tasks that involve going through endless sets of queries since the person who created them moved to another area. He’s supposed to be around for questions – but since he never returns my calls. It’s a series of about 7 different processes, each with about 12 supporting queries and tables generated from other queries – it’s a massive fistfuck of logic. It’s not even really something I can take the source table and work off that either as there are updates all down the line that create stats that everyone expects to see in the reports — like anyone really reads them anyway.

OK enough complaining about work — house stuff is on a positive.
I’ve got almost all the house stuff taken care of. The list was small when we bought the house: new chimney, patch up the basement walls, new dishwasher, new sliding glass door, gutters, and the driveway.

Technically the driveway could stay as is – I don’t care, though it may cause issues with a snow blower. Only things left to do are the sliding glass door, driveway, wire up the gararge (they disconnected it when they removed the knob & tube wiring from the house) and maybe a new coat of paint for the house (and maybe gararge too). However, since it’s been the same coat of paint since the siding went on in the 50s, I think it ought to last another couple years. Aspestos cement shingles — durable if nothing else!

All in all things are well – everyone says we’re still newlyweds because it still feels like it did before we got married. Truth be told, I’m a little afraid of what’ll happen when there aren’t any more projects for the house – will I start making up weird shit to do? Will we go do big elaborate trips and such?

Who knows, I think I like it that way.

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