>Listening to some of Justin’s tracks last night got me a tad nostalgic. Where I may not be able to play guitar, I can play with Audacity =) I’ve done some stuff in Reason, but haven’t really taken the time to really learn it. I’d love to do some collaboration with someone who already knows the ins and outs. I have the ideas, I have the music in my head — it’s just so hard to get it out, just like drawing. I’m a frustrated artist with no skills 😉

Speaking of music, here’s a track I did a bit o fiddlin’ with Armand Van Heldin’s Summer Hit – with a tad more pazaz
Too much? I felt it repeated a little to much, so it at least eases into the repetitive cycle.

It’s in OGG format, so you will probobly need a different codec. Unlike MP3, OGG is freeware.

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