>So here I am again, watching a movie I’m sure I owned at one point – Gattaca. To save you from having to refer back to the archives:
There was one point where I had just moved out, I chose a poor area, I chose a poor roommate. That roommate’s sister ran away from home somewhere out west to come to live with us. I agreed on a temporary basis – get a job, get money, get out. It was 2 months too long when she got bored and started hanging with the local “gang”. The IOP – Indian Orchard Posse

In short, I was robbed by a bunch of 15 year olds, moved to a friend’s house, and then robbed again when 2 boxes of my 200+ DVDs were stolen from their living room. I had to keep working through that period so I couldn’t be there all the time. It was all a combination of poor judement, bad decisions, and bad luck – it ammounted to my initial experiences of the world and helped mold my attitude and demenor towards people.

I flash back every time I see a movie I used to own, or remember a time I spent reveling with the very scum who robbed me.

His name is Derek – aka Fester. He bald, has 3 piercings in his tongue, and is involved in many shady dealings near Springfield MA. I recently found his number: 413 222 2182 and wondered what happened to him.

I hope he gets what he deserves, I’m not the only person he fucked over, and it would be good to know if and when he got what he deserved. If you see him, ask him why he likes the Princess Bride so much.

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