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>Unfinished Furniture in CT

>Just in case anyone is looking for more tangible gifts:In-wall Drawer UnitCorner China Cabinet[pic] I’m posting them mainly so I can easily find them later, but bonus if we get them as a gift.=)

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>Studio 60 "The Disaster Show"

>I was going to do a whole write up and comment about the 1st of the last 5 Studio 60 episodes. It is a rerun next week so I was fully expecting this to be the last one. I thought … Full story

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>And here’s some pics of the backyard, as seen by me, rather stationarilyily by me(ilyily) lounging working on bills and webstuff this afternoon(ilyily). This has got to be one of the coolest uses for USB yet.

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>-| Sharp Swords Settle Scores |-

>You Tube: Sharp Swords Settle Scores!~ there’s a story about this.

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>Playing with speech recognition in Vista

>I’m testing out dictation I’m not sure how this is going to work I’m not sure how this is going to work stopped jumping on the monkey please. Stop jumping on the monkey please. Jumping on the monkey please stop … Full story

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>Tomb Raider: Legends for PC

>Jay’s Birthday party / Cinco De Mayo was fun.I can’t download Rockstar Table Tennis, but I can download Tomb Raider: Legend for PC. I did just that, and it plays (with my XBOX 360 Controller) just like XBOX 360.Take a … Full story

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>Big Update

>So the opposite of not much happening has been happening – I’m wishing now I kept up on the posting. I’m going to have a hole in the whole “just got my first house” period. Most of the reason I … Full story

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