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Here you’ll find some reviews from an avid gamer, complete with screenshots and videos (where applicable). Some stuff only gets words. Some games I haven’t gotten back to. I try not to drop any spoilers, I am of the school of thought that everything is best discovered. I don’t do tips, I don’t do cheats. If everyone else can do it, you should be able to.

I like all kinds of games. This isn’t like most review sites, I only review what I like. If it’s not here, I probably haven’t played it or I wasn’t all that awed by it. Hopefully you’ll see something here you’ve been wondering about, show you if it’s worth spending your hard earned money on or not. I’ve shied away from giving a straight up number – there’s a lot that goes into a game, which can’t always be summed up into numbers. A graphical glitch might be rated differently depending on the type of game and how it may pull away from the action.

I have nothing against numbers, but hopefully from my reviews you’ll get a better sense of if you’ll like the game.

I have a PS3, but it’s primarily for playing Blu-rays. I think consoles work for many people, but my propensity for tweaking goes well with my thirst for better and smoother graphics. Add in some realistic physics and you’ve got modern PC gaming. I keep up on the latest hardware, so I also may revisit some games as things change.

My current configuration is an AMD FX 6100 – it only barely (by about $600) stole me away from an intended i7. I believe in multichannel memory, as fast as possible – DDR3 Dual Channel since I was limited in motherboard choice for SLi (am I the only one that still uses the lower case i style?) so I went with the ASUS Crosshair V. I am fully behind EVGA for video cards, and they were going to be my motherboard choice as well if I went with the i7 but otherwise ASUS is my motherboard of choice. I also believe in as many video cards as possible. Anything one can do, two can do better… and possibly even a third in the future. The current selection is 2 x 580 GTX 3G cards since I like my resolution big: 2560×1600 – I have my own tag for it and everything. that 2560×1600 is running to a Dell 30″ – couple years old but until I see a 120hz+ 30″ LCD/LED I’m sticking with it’s solid 60hz. OCZ 120G Vertex 3 (SATA3) SSD for speedy textures, an extra SuperTalent 120g SSD standing at the ready, and 1200W Thermaltake to drive it all.

Just added ASUS 27″ 120hz 3D with Nvidia 3D Vision 2 wireless glasses to the mix. Games aren’t keeping up with the textures above HD quality but at least they look as good as they can… In 3D.

I’m keyboard and mouse unless the game is arcade / console style – Dirt 3, Batman, etc – then it’s a Wireless 360 Controller (w/ Windows adapter). I also have a Novint Falcon w/ gun for blasting away in Battlefield 3. No forces applied in multi – shit’s got enough virtual kickback as it is, no sense in adding actual kick on top of that. I’d look like Jerry Lewis myflaven out there.

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